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To be honest, the main reason I go is because it's one of the only times of the year I can see my friends anymore. So many of them have moved away, it's really the only thing we all consistently attend. That and I spend a good amount of my time in the Inner Harbor in general... because the Aquarium and the restaurants and just sitting on the docks at night is my happy place.

But I swear, I will never attend another Artist Alley at Otakon until that douchebag they have in charge is evicted from his position. He has no right running the alley if he can't learn some common decency (and teach it to his staff) and stop being a tyrannical asshole and treating the artists like they are all criminals. People come there to sell their artwork, not to be subjected to his powertrips, unfair "rules" (that more or less are completely inconsistent, even with what is POSTED) and temper tantrums. It was bad when I shared a table and has only gotten worse since.
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