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Originally Posted by ShiroChaan View Post
I know this seems weird and perhaps a bit rude, but seriously:

WHY do people keep going to Otakon?

Between their incredibly rude staff, insanely strict artist alley rules and tendency to act pretty elitist and asinine, why would anyone want to attend their con?

Personally, I have never been and never intend to go. I have heard too many horror stories to have any desire to attend a convention where I'm going to be sheparded around by security and staff to that degree. So how can others that inhabit the same internet I do read the same stories I have and still feel the need to give the con their money?

Is it just an amazing con aside from the staff being completely unreasonable?
So you've never been but have drawn all these conclusions about what happens there? Hmmm... I would say, go and then make your conclusions. But taking people's opinions, esp people on the internet who usually hype up the bad and rarely mention the good, seems like a really bad place to start from. I've been to Otakon over 10 years, it has been a fun and fantastic experience almost every year. I've only ever had very minimal rude run-ins with staff maybe 3 times in all the years I've been. And they were always BCC staff, never the volunteers. You are not 'sheparded around by security' by any measure. Your post really reads less like someone who wants to find out why you should go and more like someone who doesn't think anyone else should go. And that's unfortunate. You're missing out on one of the biggest and best conventions out there. But you've already decided you're never going, so I guess it doesn't really matter.
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