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I might have to take a rain-check for today >.<
I just got off from day six in a row at work, and yesterday was free Tuesday at my museum. Actually crashed around 9:00 last night 0.o

As for updates, I just need to finish hand-sewing Loki's cape-- finally,lol-- and that costume will be done!!~ And James Hong is going to be at Comikaze!!!~--definitely seeking him out for at least a picture, irregardless of price

Then off to starting to work on Lillian Gracey, since I have most of the fabric already, and I can re-purpose the Snow White wig I'll be buying, and then tomorrow I'll be going coupon shopping for the rest of the Ice Queen fabric I need. I also have a TON of suede left over from Boushh, Merida, and Loki, so I need to organize what I have for Snow and see what else I need to buy

I'm slowly collecting materials for Batgirl, but no huge rush since I don't need her until next Spring for Wonder Con, and Ms. Marvel I can procrastinate on because it's such an easy costume :P
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