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I have a fairly erratic schedule, but I tend to not work longer than five days in a row. Free tuesdays in the summer are a bear 0.0 We had lines winding around the fountain outside the museum crowded yesterday. And since it tends to draw the attention of *ahem* "lower brow" crowds, I was basically just roving the store for pick-pockets and running outside to help with the line control. (Fully prepped to help at a con, lol)

I work 1:30-7:30 on Monday, but I'll probably be up earlier because of the unreliable public transit schedule.

I'm sooo excited for Comikaze! I ended up not having the funds for two nights, so I could only fit in three costumes. I'm bringing Wonder Woman and Loki, and Merida instead of Supergirl, since I worked so hard on that costume and I haven't worn her anywhere yet. Supergirl will be debuted at Long Beach and/or Halloween instead
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