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I hope i can find a weightloss group here...
I was in depression 2 weeks ago, and because of it I loss 2kg in some days. Now I begin to gain weight again, but in fact i need to lose more. Before, I lost my weight because I thought it's no use for me to eat since I feel useless. But now when I'm a bit happier, i cant apply these thoughts anymore. So, I guess... I'll just look to my dream cosplayer pictures and imagine what I will do if I become as tiny as them. I downloaded some manga that I want to cosplay to, imagine the skit I will do if I can cosplay them again. That helps

Well... since it's holiday, I can't wait to see my college friend's surprised face when they see me a bit thinner. Hahaha...

I have no money to go to gym, so I try to move as often as possible. I begin to ride bicycle again, whenever I have time I do sit ups, etc.
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