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i am in the process of making a zoey costume as well. rather than the guitar, i would probably go for something more iconic, like duel pistols. it is entirely up to you though. i'm sure that everyone would still get the idea. zoey wielding a guitar actually sounds kinda badass

for pictures, i was planning on posing with my actual guns. as for gun props to take with me and actually carry around, i was going to just purchase a couple of cheap squirt gun pistols and spray paint them. i have most often seen zoey wielding duel pistols than anything else. also, they are completely harmless and i doubt anyone would give you trouble over squirt guns.

in case anyone is having trouble finding a zoey jacket, this is the best one i have found so far:
has anyone else found anything better or cheaper?

i am also having trouble finding a francis vest at a reasonable price. does anyone have any suggestions?
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