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Originally Posted by ChocoboxDreamer View Post
If you do not mind some..well a lot of blood and violence and a good bit of nudity (but not a whole lot of sexuality) I would recommend watching Elfen Lied. Besides the previously stated elements, it has a good mix of drama, suspense, action and all that...
So long as there is a point to the blood and violence in the anime, I don't mind. The type of movies that show excessive amounts of blood, gore, and violence just for shock value...that turns my stomach. But when it is balanced within the plot and there is a reason for what ever is happening in the scene then it's not so bad.

For instance Full Metal and Ergo Proxy tended to have a lot of gore and violence, but it was during plot scenes where the drama, suspense, and the mood itself called for it. Essentially balancing everything out.

Also thank you for the recommendation of Elfen Lied.

Right now I'm watching Code Geass, which is pretty good. Though the characters seem to occasionally be rather moody and melodramatic. Which isn't a bad thing, but all the colors in the show are usually very bright and almost cheerful. Which makes the dark and dramatic moods of the characters, seem a bit odd.

Originally Posted by ChocoboxDreamer View Post
If you want a good psychological anime, something that'll mess with your head a little... I recommend School Days. It starts off rather slow but turns interesting real quick.
I like a good psychological movie and show.
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