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Originally Posted by dabiddabird View Post
Epoxy resin should be safe of foam, however fiberglass resin (polyester resin) will eat the foam up. The anti fatigue mats are basically the same as craft foam just a lot thicker which is very helpful.
Bah, yes, I'm discovering this now. I used the 1/8" craft foam and having a lot of trouble with the gloves. It was quite ideal for the shoulder bells, forearms, and chestplate, though. The palms of the gloves are just extremely tiny and fiddly. But maybe because I'm small and have small hands. I found a good simple foam glove pattern, and I'm just going to forego the fingers. It seems like too much for my first build. I'm going to just wear a pair of red opera style gloves up to the elbows inside the glove pieces.

Next time, I think I'll try the EVA foam mats.

Random question - any of you guys tried silicone to seal the exterior, instead of glue or plastidip?
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