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Originally Posted by Lady Death View Post
Height: 5'2
Weight: 140-150 (don't know, weighing scale is old and broken. Also, am on the chubby side.)

Wish to crossplay, but my chest(D cup) gets in the way.
Am not brave enough to bare too much skin. (ex. short shorts, bikinis, sleeveless shirts)

I'd like to know who I remind you guys of and see if I could get to know the character myself! That is, it I don't know them that well. ^^;
I'm open to suggestions!
Well since you said ANY suggestions......
Ruby Heart, Marvel vs Capcom 2

I think her get up works well for what you mentioned. Plus that hat is pretty boss
I'm not reeeeeally fat, per say. I just have fat guy traits...and tendencies. You gonna finish that?

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