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Most contests I've been in require you to be in your costume for per-judging in the morning and the walk-on isn't until the late noon/early evening. I will wear my costume all day and sometimes even the day before to work out any kinks there may still be. I find it too much of a hassle to get into costume for per-judging, change out of it just to change back into it a couple of hours later, plus I like to roam around the convention in my costume for photos, and to see friends while in costume.
If you're entering a contest where there is no per-judging and you're costume is particularly delicate or uncomfortable or you even just want to keep it a surprise until you're on stage, I see no issue with getting dressed before going on, just make sure you've done a test run in your costume so nothing goes wrong on stage =) I do know that some people may look at this sort of situation negatively, due to you popping up in costume just for the contest, some people look at it as Elitism, even when that's not the case, just because you haven't made yourself present throughout the day in your costume (I was only just informed of this issue a couple of months ago during a costume contest). So make sure to be friendly, social and, courteous!

Good Luck!
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