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2013 Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Panel [UPDATE: 10/17]

2013 Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Panel


Due to last years over-crowded panel, we are doing both an all-ages daytime panel, and an 18+ PJ party.

Possible Ideas for use of Panel Time:
  • Q&A Time with Panel Hosts (Tame!)
  • Team Quiz with fabulous Prizes
  • Various Improv Games with Audience Participation
     I have plenty of games in mind, but suggestions are welcome!
  • Dress Up!
  • Character Wedding: Couple up to the audience
    Other Suggestions always welcome!

Possible Ideas for use of 18+ PJ Panel Time:
  • Q&A Time with Panel Hosts (Not so tame~)
  • Pocky Game: Couple's Audience Choice
  • Truth of Dare
  • Characters React to Fanfiction/Fan-Art
  • Characters READ Fanfiction
  • More Improv Games

Panel Host Sign ups:

If you want to be a host, send me the following information to or note me at


Picture of Cosplay: (Needed by March 1st)
Character acting experience: (RP, previous cosplay, etc)
E-mail/Phone Number:
Days of Availability at Sakura-Con:

Panels of Interest: (Daytime, 18+, or Both?)
Age: (Adult or Minor?)
Selection Info:

  • There will only be one of each character hosting.
  • First applicant for both panels with a complete cosplay is given priority.
  • Hosts are asked to have a simple Pajama themed cosplay for the 18+ Panel.
  • Final panel cast may be limited to main characters if alot of people sign up.
  • Final panel hosts will be listed here closer to the con date.
  • No panel experience needed to sign up for hosting.

Character Panelists:

BOLD = First applicant: Priority
ITALICS = Later or Replacment Applicant
GREEN = Organizer: No replacements needed for either panel
BLUE = Daytime Panel Only (Panelist with availability for both panels is preferred)
RED = PJ Panel Only (Panelist with availability for both panels is preferred)
PINK = Both Panels: Alternates still welcome
ORANGE = Pending: Cosplay not Complete
**Hosts written in Blue will only be used if alternate cannot be found for both panels**
Ciel Phantomhive:Ansem06 | LadyAlaska
Sebastian Michaelis: Yuna-the-graceful | HimuraKenshin
Madame Red:
Viscount Druitt:
Claude Faustus:PhantasmPhantomhive
Alois Trancy: invaderofdeath | SnowFallatTwilight
Hannah Anafellows:
Grell Sutcliffe: Saya1984 | Lucy444
William T. Spears: GAYMENDANCING
Ronald Knox:TheVampireLeigh
Alan Humphries: GoodManSighted
Eric Slingby:
Undertaker: Kurotaker | UncleUndertaker
Elizabeth Midford: StrawberryKiss
Angela Blanc:
Ash Landers: DemonPrincess1
Prince Soma:
Drocell Keinz:

  • I am especially looking for a Charismatic Sebastian or Ciel to lead us in most of the games, and introduce the hosts.
  • If you sign up, please consider it a commitment, and give me your most accurate times and days of availability.
  • The list above is just a suggested cast, if you have a different cosplay not listed, feel free to sign up.

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