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Maid Cosplay Guides?

Hello! I am fairly new here, and I have come with a question:

I have always liked the cute style of the maid uniform, and recently I took the plunge and bought myself a maid uniform of my very own. It is in blue, which is not a standard color from what I've seen, but black and white seemed a bit boring.(This is the uniform I ordered,by the way.)

What I am getting at is this: I am having trouble finding guides to wearing a maid uniform. No "dos and don'ts", no makeup and/or hair tutorials related to maid cosplay, and no ideas on what to wear with a uniform depending on various factors( personality, the style of the dress, etc.)

On one hand, the lack of concrete rules is more freeing than Lolita style (which I also like). On the other hand, I am left at a loss of what to do, and I'm certain that wearing a maid uniform isn't as simple as just wearing the outfit...or is it?

Anyone who has experience, especially those who have worked at Maid Cafés, I humbly ask you for any guidance that you can provide.
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