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Angry Crimson Head Cosplay

My upcoming convention is the same weekend as my local Zombie Walk. At first I almost didn't bother with the convention because the Zombie Walk is on the Saturday (intersecting one of the best days of the con) which would hardly make paying full price worth it... But I managed to get a cheaper price on a pass, so I can now attend both.

Due to the Anime Convention / Zombie Walk cross-over I wanted to pick a character that would be both recognizable from a video game or anime and that properly fits in as a zombie with some visible gore. I settled on Crimson Head zombie from Resident Evil. I do the zombie walk every year and have become pretty proficient with Zombie Makeups, although there are a couple things I could use some pointers with.

First off, this is the outfit I am planning to replicate: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3.

I was really surprised when I search through this site to find no one had cosplayed Crimson Head before... When I ran a search on the web, this was the only image that came up: Crimson Head. However, I think I can make a more accurate effort.

I have two questions pertaining to this outfit,

1) The outfit in question appears to have bare feet. How can I pull off an appearance of bare feet without actually having bare feet? I was wondering if there was some way to cut the sole of a sandal off and somehow attach it to the bottom of my foot? The Zombie Walk is at least 30+ blocks and the convention centre requires some form of footwear for entry if I recall correctly.

2) Claws... How do I go about finding/making some kind of prosthetic claw / claw appliance? Anyone have a tutorial or info please?

I have about 1 week to get this and 2 other outfits done for the con. XD

But I bought the blazer today so I plan to start working on it (the tear on the left arm with exposed flesh is the most important part from the look of it), and will go shopping for the pants shortly.
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