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Originally Posted by AgentDarkmoon View Post
Yesterday I had a bit of trouble uploading photos of my latest (Windrunner) costume. Once I got them up, I noticed that in both the 'Costumes' view from my page as well as the 'Costume Administration' view from the Costumes tab, it shows as having 4,294,967,294 photos associated with it.

If you go to the Costume's page you can see I only have six photos of it, with fifteen photos on my account period (not even sure if there are four billion photos in this entire site?). Do you have any idea what's going on with this?
Two days later the problem continues to exist. Deleting one of the photos associated with WR brought it down to 4,294,967,293... I may just delete the current costume page of it and make a new one and see if that fixes it. In other photo issue news, my main page shows 9 costumes and 15 images- while the 9 costumes is right, I have 25 images (and when you click on photos you can see all 25 of them). Not sure what 10 photos are slipping through the system's cracks...
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