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Oh dear...
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Haha, all we need is a bridal saber and we might have her in all her forms.

I'm planning to go for saber in her suit.

EDIT: Also, I might be bringing a lancelot with me.

Are we organizing a gathering in this thread, or this one?
Possibly cosplaying:
[Odin Sphere] Gwendolyn - 100% Done! ConBravo! 2014, (possibly)Fanexpo Toronto 2014
[Fire Emblem 7: Rekka No Ken / Blazing Sword] Florina - 30% Fanexpo Toronto 2014
(possible) [Free! Iwatobi Swim Club/Eternal Summer] Gou Matusuoka - 0% Fanexpo Toronto 2014
(Dreaammmm~ ) [.hack//GU] Haseo (xth form) - 0%

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