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Originally Posted by Lupe Garu View Post
I'm going to be attending my first con this fall (Nebraskon) and I plan on going as Gamzee/Sober Gamzee. The only thing I'm stuck on is the pants T.T I don't know if I should go with black jeans or sweat pants. And what would be the easiest way to get the poka dots? And for sober Gamzee the blood of the other trolls... What is the best way to make troll blood?
Otherwise my list is this: Ben Nye white and grey aqua paint, black tooth color, sealer spray, shirt, pants, wig cap liner, and wig. I have purple chucks and the horns (that my lovely little sister is making for me) and as far as the eyes go I will probably wear regular contacts (unless I get the money and can find a pair of perscription colored contacts I can afford) Is there anything I'm missing?
Hey! For the circles on the pants, I'd actually suggest printing out circles on iron-on transfer paper and then ironing them to the fabric. I've seen other cosplayers do painted circles or sewn on circles, and I just personally think the transfer method looks amazing.

As for blood, it depends on where you want it. I recently just took a sober Gamzee photoshoot, and for his scars we just used purple Ben Nye that we applied reeeeeeeally thickly. But for blood elsewhere, there's a few ways you can go. The first time we tried to do sober Gamz, we used puffy paint to create a shirt that was soaked in blood, and then put that paint on my face for the scars. It worked and looked amazing, but the puffy paint has a tendency of crusting over and then flaking off of skin after a while, so it can get a little annoying. On fabric, though, it looks amazing and works really, really well!

If you don't want to stain your shirt with paint, though, there's another option. Whenever I make fake troll blood, I use dish soap, chocolate syrup, and then a few drops of food coloring to achieve the desired shade. It looks really nice for photos and such, but the problem is that when it's on skin, it's really sticky. If you apply it to clothing, though, it winds up looking really nice and pretty impressive without the problem of stickiness. The only catch is since I haven't ever tried it on a black shirt, I can't really account for how well it'd stand out, but if you got it on your Capricorn sign, you'd definitely be able to tell the difference. (I had some drip on my poke-a-dots and it looked really great.)

If you're interested in colored contact lenses, also, I'd recommend checking out Alice and Rabbit. They have really, really nice contacts for low prices. I recently ordered in a pair of prescription red ones and a pair of normal blue ones for a Dave and John costume, and myself and my friend were both very impressed with the results. People kept walking up to my John and complimenting her "natural eye color." The contacts are nice, and ours were both $30 a pair, not counting shipping.

I know I'm really wordy, but I hope that helps!

Originally Posted by kuko-chan View Post
Hello, I just started working on a Dolorosa costume and I wanted some honest opinions on how my horns look (and I promise not to get bitchy or whiny if you say they need work).

Basic horn shape

The base is made of carved styrofoam and covered in clay. I made the mistake of buying modelling clay instead of bakeable clay. Has anyone ever worked with Plastimodal before? I was going to leave it for a week and see if it hardens on its own via air-dry method, but if you know for a fact that this is shitty clay, I'll just buy better stuff next time.
I agree with the idea of curving them ever so slightly more, but aside from that I think they look fantastic!

Unfortunately with the Plastimodal, I'm all too familiar with that clay. My mom's an art teacher, and that's the clay she uses for basic teaching principals year to year. It doesn't harden. I have, in fact, had a model that I made out of that clay no less than ten years ago that's still malleable. From what I remember, attempting to bake it results in a soupy sort of mess. I know you put a lot of work into them, but it's a good thing there's a styrofoam base in this case. I'd probably suggest just taking the clay off the best that you could and covering the styrofoam base again with Model Magic or Paperclay, which will air dry in a few days. If you really don't want to back pedal that far, it's possible that you may be able to put a layer of Model Magic over what you've already made. When that hardens, it might make a sort of exoskeleton for the Plastimodal. It might be worth a shot to try, though?

I'm sorry you have to back track, but I'm really excited to see your finished cosplay!

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