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My Little Pony: FiM ALA Gathering 2013!

Friday at 2pm on the Pool Deck!
There will be no moving or changing times UNLESS it rains.
If it rains, the patio area is where we'll shift to.
This date and time is not flexible! We're officially on the gathering list and it can't be changed.


Line up:
1. Mane Six (+Spike)
2. Singles of each of the Mane Six
3. All pegasus
4. All unicorn
5. All earth
6. All villains / Heroes VS Villains
7. Royalty
8. Family Shots (Rarity&Sweetiebelle, Apple Family, Pinkie Pie&Her sisters/parents, etc.)
9. Cutie Mark Crusaders
10. "Side characters" (This includes: Octavia, Spike, DJ PON3, any cameo ponies, Cheeraliee, Diamond Dogs, etc.)
11. Anyone I Didn't Call?
12. Group shot!

Anyone not listed here, speak now or forever hold your peace! Please do NOT ask for specialty photos (ie, specific poses, such as "Applejack lassoing Applebloom") during the gathering- instead, plan those out separately. There is just not enough time for EVERYONE'S special shots!

Hope to see you all there!
Letting everyone know to be on the lookout for this Pinkie Pie! It's me! I'll be running the gathering. I'm also part of the My Little Pony panel, which is on Saturday at 10:00am. It runs for an hour and a half, where you can ask the whole cast of ponies any questions your little heart desires.

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