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Originally Posted by ametheneko View Post
I agree with the idea of curving them ever so slightly more, but aside from that I think they look fantastic!

Unfortunately with the Plastimodal, I'm all too familiar with that clay. My mom's an art teacher, and that's the clay she uses for basic teaching principals year to year. It doesn't harden. I have, in fact, had a model that I made out of that clay no less than ten years ago that's still malleable. From what I remember, attempting to bake it results in a soupy sort of mess. I know you put a lot of work into them, but it's a good thing there's a styrofoam base in this case. I'd probably suggest just taking the clay off the best that you could and covering the styrofoam base again with Model Magic or Paperclay, which will air dry in a few days. If you really don't want to back pedal that far, it's possible that you may be able to put a layer of Model Magic over what you've already made. When that hardens, it might make a sort of exoskeleton for the Plastimodal. It might be worth a shot to try, though?

I'm sorry you have to back track, but I'm really excited to see your finished cosplay!
Backtracking is not an issue. It'll give me a chance to carve out a bit more of a curve in the styrofoam. Thank you for the info on the clay. It's a good thing you told me now. I'd hate to be disappointed in a week when it's still soft.
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