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Kagamine Rin/Len Pic Search Continuing

Originally Posted by Naudae View Post
I'm wondering if any of the fine folks of managed to snap a pic or two of me cosplaying alongside my girlfriend.


Cosplay Type: Couple Cosplay
Cosplay Outfit(s): Kagamine Len(myself Naudae) and Kagamine Rin(my girlfriend)
Cosplay Origin: Vocaloid
Cosplay Event: Otakon 2012
Cosplay Day: Friday

We were walking around the entire day just taking in the convention. We were holding hands and walking closely together the entire day...and the entire con in fact. We were dressed as the Kagamine Twins, Len and Rin. Distinguishing characteristics are that I had a Miku zipper case attached to my belt loop and the wig was a simple medium length blonde wig, unstyled. My girlfriend was with me in EVERY pic we took. She's short, wears glasses, has a blonde wig, styled to Kagamine Rin's hair style and is wearing both her bow and a headset. Not to mention her Death Note purse on her back. We were standing back to back holding hands and smiling as a pose.

Kindly contact me through here, or PM me. Notifications are set to my phone, so I'll know when you contact me. Thank you in advance.

Just making sure people see this.
I've looked through EVERY SINGLE link in that other thread of people that posted their albums. Many of them were not public, which is highly annoying.

I'm still looking for any pics from Friday that are NOT from the Vocaloid photoshoot. I have all of those already. I'm looking for any pics people may have that's just of my girlfriend and I cosplaying as the Kagamine twins. PLEASE let me know something! Thanks.
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