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Name of Commissioner: Havenaims
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna Braid/Hairtail and Tiny Bee Guns Prop
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:(Not my own photo, but the one I was sent as a final product....will upload my own ASAIC!)
Timeline: She contacted me via PM on June 11, and I received everything August 10. So exactly a month!
Describe your Experience: Havenaims is a pleasure to work with. I didn't mention it to her, but this is part of my first time commissioning anything, outside of Ebay's chinese/japanese sellers. She answered my ad on CosCom's Marketplace for Tiny Bee Guns, and told me exactly what she would be using to make them. I was cool with the pricing---and she is very reasonable!---and we made an agreement that she would do my commission. A few days later, I posted another ad on CosCom for the Hairtail; Havenaims promptly answered and said she would be glad to do that one as well, with combined shipping! I was grateful that she offered her services for both commissions, and I was very assured! I made my first payment, and she started the commission. I got progress pics the WHOLE WAY! I was very grateful to her for working promptly and ensuring me that it'll be done waaay before my requested deadline. A month later, I received my guns and hairtail in perfect condition! Tiny Bees are lightweight and amazing and durable! The hairtail is lovely, and it's the exact length I desired. It's hanging up now to straighten out from the box! ^_^ Everything was packaged very well. I'm honored to be one of her first commissions. You will not be disappointed with this lovely lady!
PROS: Great communication, Patient, Informative, Quick to Ship, Great Quality
CONS: Nada!
Final Grade: A++++++
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