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Originally Posted by MDA View Post
I didn't enter like I did the last two years... more due to the fact that the concept of having to be in there six hours beforehand if you wanted workmanship judging didn't fly with me. Stuck in the same room for hours is not my friend (is why I couldn't stand school)

But I'll be there next year for sure. I'm not being given a choice by my group xD I fear it... *hides away and pokes at the lost final chance of Novice entry*
Check in at 1:30pm was printed on the info sheet, but it was possible to check in as late as 4:30 (which is pretty much what my friends and I ended up doing, lol.). 2.5 hours of green room time is pretty decent. =P

But we only got that info when we asked at the desk. Personally, I also wouldn't enter masquerade if it meant 6 hours of green room time.

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