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Originally Posted by Bisected8 View Post
I've been practising using a gaff and I've been finding that it works OK most of the time (still feels a bit odd, but after a while I forget about it), but if I cross my legs while sitting down it seems to knock them slightly out of place and starts hurting a lot when I sit. What am I doing wrong?
Perhaps the gaff or other items you use to tuck aren't properly sized to your body? I can only guess. If it's every time you sit, it sounds like either a sizing issue, or technique issue. I use a gaff as well for fitted outfits, but I have a personal modified method for my body type and change it up pending the outfit I'm wearing.

I don't run into a "shifting issue" in any of them except for one, but that's because the outfit is a pain to wear in general. =p

Originally Posted by Zegram_Ghart View Post
My question would be on what type of outfits you wouldn't need to do this with. I mean, if you use tight underwear or a similar method. I'm crossplaying as a Lolita and I know with a petticoat(?) your dress flares out a lot. Looking at pictures of Lolitas standing I can't tell whether or not it would ne noticeable if you try to cover it versus this thread here which is all about full concealment.

Does anyone have any info or firsthand knowledge on this? Thanks.
Best way to go about this is to just do a trial run at home. Typically, you only need to for fitted or tight outfits, but even on looser ones it might be recommended. It's a case-by-case situation, so the best way to go about it is to do a trial run at home and see.

That way you can see how much concealment is necessary.

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