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Heya there.... I applied to be one of the participants at the Tiger and Bunny gathering at AX... But I couldn't find the gathering (First AX, it was huge so....) and it took a really long time to change into costume so I practically missed it :\ sorry about that... BUt if its okay I would like to try again to be in this being dragon kid from tiger and bunny.

Description of character:
Dragon Kid or Paolin Huan is a Chinese, Kung-Fu master, NEXT whose special ability of lightning is found in the anime Tiger and Bunny. Advertising for the Chinese companies Calbee and, she fights with either a staff, her bare hands, or her skill of using lightning through her hands, hoping to save the day and steal points from other heroes to better her rank in the Hero TV program.

Appearance (Hero/Casual):

Short clip of her: (1:01)

THats all I have right now but I will be continuing to look for more clips of her fighting and so on.
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