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A lot of people say the personality. But honestly, that isn't what draws me to cosplayers (I honestly could care less if you ACTED like the character when you aren't being photographed). What really draws my eye in is a well tailored costume, using period accurate fabrics as stated above as well as using some general construction methods that will make the costume feel more like clothing from the period as opposed to a costume in general, even though the series is just loosely based on the Victorian era. Also, a really nice wig can do wonders. I agree that you don't have to go nearly as long as his hair really is. Wigs that length are just terrible to manage (been there done that, and will advise you to go a little shorter for your sanity's sake!). Also, the details are important. Have the glasses right, the chain on them, the gloves, and if you can, a really well built chainsaw. If you can spring for the teeth and contacts, I say go for those as well, but if you can't, that won't make your costume any less recognizable. All in all though, just have fun and be proud of what you make and it will carry you a long way.
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