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Originally Posted by Britchan View Post
I learned Kurutte Mawatte Ikkaiten because someone told me it was a more popular dance ^^'... There's more than one version of Matryoshka?! O.O Like TOTALLY different versions?? I want to learn it some time in the future (Near or far, I don't know..), I'm still tackling with perfecting Bad Apple. That dang dance is insane with its foot movements >:l
For Matroyshka, there are three versions that I know of. Completely different. The one you have is one of them. Then you have these two: <-- The girls in front are doing it. The boys in back are doing the cover

Kurutte Mawatte Ikkaiten also has a couple versions of the dance as well...xD But only SLIGHT differences that I'm guessing people did to make it a little more fun...
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