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Originally Posted by Britchan View Post
OAO Why is everyone so surprised about dances? Aren't they held at, like, every single gathering for VOCALOID?? Lol, I'll do the dance with you (God, I have so much to learn..) I also have a suggestion. Since I gave some friends helping with the gathering I plan on changing out of Luka - Synchronicity into Luka - Default since one slit is better than two :/ Luka's isn't as popular as Miku either so I can change as soon as the main photos are done ^.^' I or my friends will take photos for you and refrain as much as possible from calling Gakupo (Or whatever other VOCALOID cosplay you have) for you Just a suggestion. If possible, could
you link me each song you want so I dont get everything screwed up? I'll add you guys to the list tomorrow or so
oh i've never been to a vocaloid gathering so i wouldnt know :'D
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One Two Three:
Galaxias: results_video
Kokoro no Tamago:
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