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Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
I'd kill for (and buy 10 copies of) an all-NieR Theatrhythm game, but since the game was so poorly-received in the US, the odds of that are slim. (Though in Japan, SE's still pushing out remix/ cover CDs for the game.) Hence why I'd settle for just 5 or so songs from it in a $40 game.

EDIT: Since the socially-adept people get to have their Fantasy Footballs...
Opening: Snow in Summer
Field music: Hills of Radiant Winds
Battle music: Gods Bound by Rules
Event music: Emil / Sacrifice
Ending: Ashes of Dreams / New

Field music: The Ultimate Weapon
Battle music: Shadowlord
Event: Kaine / Escape

SPOILER: (highlight to read)
A guy can dream. ;_;
Probably because Nier looks a LOT different in Japan....

Also eff you, I play Fantasy Football.
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