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Nope..Can't do that..I already told them I need cosplay crap. Plus we all are broke as hell..

That's kool about her I think little cosplay's are adorable lol Like have a kid link with an adult link type thing..It looks cuter if a kid is cosplaying kid link lol as well as others lol

The order for the games is:
Birth By Sleep
First half of 358/2 days
Chain of memories
Second half of 358/2 days
Coded/Re:Coded (same game, different systems)

Thats the order..And I know, first half/second half crap is odd but yea..
On 358/2, get to the point where they first go to castle oblivion, then start C.O.M. Then after that game start 358/2 again from where you left off..BUT, once you finish KH2, You swill notice that at the end after credits, there is a scene where sora gets a message in a bottle. That scene is AFTER the events in Coded/RE:Coded. This scene will show up at the end of both games so you know where it fits in..A little confusing I know but still..
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