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Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
I'd kill for (and buy 10 copies of) an all-NieR Theatrhythm game, but since the game was so poorly-received in the US, the odds of that are slim. (Though in Japan, SE's still pushing out remix/ cover CDs for the game.) Hence why I'd settle for just 5 or so songs from it in a $40 game.

EDIT: Since the socially-adept people get to have their Fantasy Footballs...
Opening: Snow in Summer
Field music: Hills of Radiant Winds
Battle music: Gods Bound by Rules
Event music: Emil / Sacrifice
Ending: Ashes of Dreams / New

Field music: The Ultimate Weapon
Battle music: Shadowlord
Event: Kaine / Escape

SPOILER: (highlight to read)
A guy can dream. ;_;

Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post

Originally Posted by Kildread View Post
There's 2 versions of it actually... (Gesthalt & Replicant) I thought they were vastly different, but the one we never saw just had different main chars and most of the same plot.
My understanding is that the games are identical except for the Nier character model and a bit of dialog change as he is her brother instead of her father. They changed it in the English release specifically because they thought that the US audience would find the father/daughter relationship more engaging that a brother/sister one. I would have to agree.

Finished FFXIII. What an odd game. Most of it is nonsense on many many levels. But I loved the battle system (for the most part - Death can suck an egg) and I haven't had this much of a challenge since Dark Souls. Though, granted, most of it was self-imposed.
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