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Costume Close-up by Linda Baumgarten
Fashions of the Gilded Age Vols 1 and 2 by Frances Grimble (actually anything of hers is great),
Women's Seventeenth Century Dress Patterns by Jenny Tiramani
Fitting and Proper by Sharon Burnston
Corsets and Crinolines - Norah Waugh
Cut of Women's Clothes and Cut of Men's Clothes - Norah Waugh
Blanche Payne's book on historic costume (I cannot remember the name of it but it has patterns in the back that no one knows about because it's not sold as such)
Jean Hunnisett's Costume for Stage and Screen books
Corsets: Historical Patterns and Techniques

I love costume history books
Sometimes I wonder how "normal" people survive when they have to be themselves, day after day after day. Is Halloween really enough of an escape?
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