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Ive gone for several years now, and only on my first year did I have a run in with the staff.

I was carrying around my steampunk gear, which is mostly metal and wood. The staff very courteously asked me and a few others to have our weapons checked. We obliged and went on our way through the labyrinth of hallways to the area where they were checking weapons.

We being steampunk folk, are very courteous by nature and were very willing to fix our props in order to carry them around. The staff actually THANKED us for being as well manner about it as we were. They had been having issues with people complaining and screaming at them for asking to check props and whatnot all day.

So all in all, if you've run into con staff that may or may not have an attitude, remember that they are dealing with 30+ thousand people and trying to enforce very basic rules. If you are well mannered in dealing with them, you will more than likely get the same treatment back
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