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I usually only used my FB for the chat feature to keep in contact with friends, and get updates. I'd delete it if it weren't for the fact that I STILL want to use it for those features. I would. My only other option is to delete all my photos. :/

FIX Privacy stuff, try finding something on FB that still IS private after this freaking Timeline thing. I'm so pissed off.

@Jono: I was surprised at how many people at Giga-con I knew. I mean, I knew that the Conji people were going to be there but some of the random cosplayers too~ There were people coming and going all day, but I was expecting more. We all separated into little groups though, none of us are very friendly. xD But it was awesome to finally meet you in person!

@Ayaasan: You could try 99 Ranch or one of the Asian market places. They might have a parasol. And depending on where in Los Angeles there's always Little Tokyo. I know Parkway used to have a small shop that sold Asian-type goods and I know they had little parasols. Don't know if the store is still there anymore though.

I want to get to Joann's before I go back. >_> Get some GOOD fabric to use out there.
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