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@Tulipe: Well that usually happens during large events, people split off into smaller groups with the people they know better. I should have spent more time trying to meet everyone, or at very least the Conji and Gigaventure people...

@ayaasan: I have no idea how much fabric is, so all I can say is nice grab! lol

Yesterday was a bit hectic, lots of people showed up at the gathering and there were very few photographers. Tried to get shoots with as many people as possible but couldn't fit everyone in. Some great, some so-so shots; I've started to notice which cosplayers in the group know how to model/pose and which don't, think I'll have to work on my directing skills for them.
And then there are certain cosplays I just don't care for, wonder if there is any way to say no without offending the cosplayer...?
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