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@Tulipe: I really should have introduced myself to them XD
Which photographer? Mike? Cause I know I hear his name all the time and I know he wasn't carrying his camera during Gigacon lol. Kinda happened to me yesterday, simply cause I was one of maybe 2 people with DSLRs.
Nobody has freaked me out, but there are some people that are weird. One guy kept talking to me yesterday and in my head all I could think about was 'I don't care for this conversation at all.' Oh and then there was this one girl I was shooting who has ADD or something cause she kept breaking poses + goofing off and basically wasted time, at one point I just stopped shooting.
I definitely agree with you on the same cosplay over and over. If I've gotten pics of it, we don't need to shoot again unless we have a new idea/location or something. And then there are the plain ones that are just
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