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@Jono: XD Well you kind of met them. You were trapped in Veve's house for a while. There's less about being introduced and more like morphing into the circle. Mike is Conji's official photographer. He was kind of sitting in the corner. He's pretty open about shooting most people if you're nice about it. I was talking about Darryl, Darryl USED to go to most regular gatherings, Mike very rarely did. Not sure why he didn't bring his stuff, he didn't seem to be in a very good mood for some reason.
It's got to be frustrating to shoot people who can't focus. I'm a horrible person to shoot because I'll always do the opposite of what you say. Be like "Put your left foot forward" and I'll put out my right foot and not understand why you're upset. xD

It's very hard to take pictures, I imagine, when you have the same people in the same location. o-o
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