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I actually was approached by a cosplayer on the bus ride to Balboa Park yesterday. He seemed super nice, so I didn't really mind talking to him. My Fluttershy shoulder bag covered with nerdy buttons apparently makes me approachable me as a cosplayer/nerd :P

I also didn't see it first hand, but one of the multimedia guys came to talk to me about the cosplayers in the park, and said that he actually had to tell some of them to stop climbing on the pipes outside of the building. (And he's a totally chill guy, so they must have been doing something pretty bad for him to yell at them...) The few always ruin it for the many for our reputation, which is why I'm always super nice when I walk around in costume. (Common sense, sheesh)

And I'm a long-time cosplayer, but I've haven't modeled much >.< I know the basics, and try to keep in character as best as I can, but if you think a pose I'm doing is silly/stupid, I'm not remotely offended if you tell me so I want to learn!
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