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Dear cosplay plans: Please stop changing on me so I can just get what I want and not have anymore issues >_<

I swear every SINGLE time I get something planned something comes along and ruins it!!! Like I was supposed to order my Haine Otomiya Student Council Summer uniform but my stupid brother made me order him two My Little Pony Shirts for like 60$ which is ANNOYING!!! ..sigh and then my friend who has agreed to help me with some stuff wouldn't stop whining about how hard it was to not go out to eat once a week and ugh....not to mention My plans would get shot down as I would find out that a costume was off by an inch and the shirt see through as hell >_< so from brothers, friends and stupid people in china being afraid of my big boobs (I hate my DD's) I am frustrated at the fact that I have had to move both of Haine's costumes to November when I had plans to buy her costumes MUCH earlier then this but people kept messing up my plans.....T_T no one cares.....

Plus mom doesn't want me buying any costumes after this year as she said I should reuse for awhile and such (Which IS understandable) so I gave up going to any cons this year so I could buy costumes for two years of conventions with plans to retire from cosplaying after 2014 due to me wanting to concentrate on school (well more like just not go to cons for a while if ever again.)

And......I am just frustrated that I had to spend 60$ on two my little pony shirts for my brother's (Who is 25) and basically said "YOU WILL GET THESE SHIRTS FOR ME! I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR COSPLAY SHIT" me: " I have to?" Mom: "Yes because he's your brother" And then I find out that my brother is buying me a PONY shirt and I don't want it for my birthday i'd rather have a wig or a book sigh yeah sorry for the rant.....
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