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NYCC 2012 Vocaloid Cosplayers

Since the Vocaloid thread in the NYAF forum hasn't been getting a lot of traffic, I thought I would try here to get more responses.

We are trying to set up a gathering for Vocaloid cosplayers going to New York Comic Con this year. At the moment, we plan to have the gathering on Saturday some time, but this can change depending on other people's availability. So, if you are going to cosplay as a Vocaloid during NYCC, join us!

We are especially looking for Senbonzakura cosplayers right now, especially Senbonzakura Miku, Kaito, Meiko, and Luka. If you are interested, please let us know!

Time: 3:45 (After CFM Panel)
Place: Outside 1A23 (Location of Asakawa Yuu Panel)
BACKUP Place: Location of Saturday gathering

Time: Saturday, 1PM
Place: North Concourse next to escalators going down to A-Hall (We will move outside if the weather is fine approximately 5 minutes after the start time in case people arrive late)

Time: 3:30 (After CFM Panel)
Place: Outside 1A23 (Location of CFM Panel)
BACKUP Place: Location of Saturday gathering

We will meet at the backup place only if it is too crowded. If that is the case, we will first meet up outside the panel and the move it to the backup location.

Map of outside location

Facebook Event:
FB Cosplay Page, Twitter, ACParadise, WorldCosplay, Cospix, Cosplayers Archive
Neko147 x Nico252, SakiYuuki, 3KuroNekos

Next Confirmed Cons:
NYCC (outside)

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