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Originally Posted by Hugginsseller View Post
I don't know? I informed her from the very beginning that shipping to Canada would cost quite a bit. She was fine until she heard that the shipping was a lot more than she anticipated. After that, she started telling me how I should have got it done a week earlier or even a few days earlier, which these were a pain to get done so fast. At one point I had to fix the shield because I wasn't satisfied with it and I wanted it to look a little more better for her first con.
While I can understand her frustration, she really did need to do some research. Shipping is always expensive. Especially rush shipping.

I honestly doubt she understands how much work went into this. You're not a factory that can punch these suckers out in a day. I've made very small props myself, and they were exhausting to finish at my slow pace. Heck- I can't even imagine how much time you put into these, which honestly makes me appreciate your work all the more.

This actually was my first time commissioning someone from Canada...Not sure I want to do it again haha xD.
XDD I sure as hell wouldn't, at least not with a work frame of a week or two before the con. It takes that long just for regular (read: somewhat cheap) shipping. XD

But I hope you're not letting this whole thing get you down! Your work is amazing and that's why people commission you, including this ninny.
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