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Originally Posted by ametheneko View Post
I figured here might be the best place to ask this! I had a set of Model Magic horns that has recently cracked in half. I tried Elmer's, Tacky glue, wood glue, and contact cement and nothing seems to hold them together. Can you guys think of anything else that might be able to glue Model Magic?
I don't think it's an issue of being able to glue model magic. If they cracked in half, pretty much no glue can hold it together on its own. You might want to get a skewer or a dowel (and you might need to drill a hole into the horn if you use a dowel, but it'll be stronger) and then put that into the horn for support. With that helping prevent them breaking along the break line, you should be able to use white glue or wood glue just fine. I'm not super familiar with contact cement or tacky glue, so they might work. A lot of things will glue model magic since it's foamy and so porous.

If you don't want to use a dowel, you might be able to twist some wire into a spiral and use that to screw the horns together. You won't need glue but it'll be harder to get the pieces to line up.
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