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Originally Posted by Bodici22 View Post
I don't think it's an issue of being able to glue model magic. If they cracked in half, pretty much no glue can hold it together on its own. You might want to get a skewer or a dowel (and you might need to drill a hole into the horn if you use a dowel, but it'll be stronger) and then put that into the horn for support. With that helping prevent them breaking along the break line, you should be able to use white glue or wood glue just fine. I'm not super familiar with contact cement or tacky glue, so they might work. A lot of things will glue model magic since it's foamy and so porous.

If you don't want to use a dowel, you might be able to twist some wire into a spiral and use that to screw the horns together. You won't need glue but it'll be harder to get the pieces to line up.
Thank you for the advice! Unfortunately, I attempted something similar to that, by wrapping the break in electrical tape and propping it up against a can to keep in the right position while the glue dried. The reason the horns cracked in the first place is because I left them sitting in my car, with the windows down, for about a month in the middle of summer. My concern is that, despite keeping the pieces in constant contact during the drying process, they refuse to bond, even when using contact cement, which is a permanent bond even when between metal objects. Although perhaps the lack of bonding was just a fluke.

Thank you for typing out your response to me! Since the break is in the middle of my horns, though, and since they're Gamzee horns, it's a little hard to patch with a straight dowel or a screw. But that's my fault for not providing reference. Here's a picture, in case that helps you or anyone else? But thank you so much for taking your time to try to help me out!

Sorry for the low quality webcam picture, but it's the best I've got right now. (The reason the horn isn't in two pieces completely is because the string that I used to make the ribbing effect is holding it on.)

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