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Originally Posted by Kibafan View Post
i agree that sounds fun i will have a nine tails full suite out just say a date so i can make my schedule
We were planning on Saturday. The forums said the photoshoot was around 3 but it was marked as tentative so I'm not 100% sure...

Momocon 2015
Neo (RWBY) / Kiyotaka Ishimaru (Dangan Ronpa) / ???

RTX 2015
Neo (RWBY) / Nora Valkyrie {RWBunnY} (RWBY)/ Felix (Red vs. Blue) [Guns for Hire]

2015 Potential Cosplays
-Nonon Jakuzure (Kill la Kill)
-Filia (Skullgirls)
-Gumi (Vocaloid) [Echo-Object Head]
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