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Liliana I get excite for every twisted episode of this series ... the Fairies are sinister as hell! Remind me of Madoka in tone, bright colours, the promises of a higher power.... the slow reveal of how warped they are. Also Watashi is sarcastic as hell as well in her head. Her running commentary/narration is wicked.
This will be my first non human shade range of wig I've worn. (Well Rin for one day but his was black blue. lol)

I've only stared the fairy test and order fabric swatches as my local store don't have orange and pastel lime fabric (I will not dye that my orange fabric again O_o but would consider the green)

Waiting for the Arda sell to get my wig(s) for it. lol

Actually a dress is a lot more fabric then they are seams but yes that will take you 10 times as long to sew and then and finish the seams if you don't have a lining fabric. My Satella dress took a rue full week of time to hand sew and the seam of course didn't look as good as a machine stitch.

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