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Female Captain America (Avengers movie) 1940s/50s dress query

Hi everyone,

I'm almost finished putting together my female Captain America costume, and have come up against a little bit of a dilemma. I already have a dress that's the right shade of blue I need but it's a 1950s circle dress and I'm unsure as to exactly how inaccurate that would be.

Is anyone here familiar with 40s/50s styles of dresses? I'm not 100% deadset on accuracy but obviously it's something I've spent a lot of time putting together and I don't want to derail it at the last minute. Would I be able to get away with it or not really?


ETA: Reading this back, I don't think I articulated myself very well! My question is, exactly how anachronistic would a 1950s circle dress be for this character, presumably dated 1945?

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