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Originally Posted by Scorpion89 View Post
I just love how everyone is complaining about how Otakon is run,

1) The Staff isn't payed for none of them end of discussion

2) As far as I know I have never heard any senior staff person say they are just like SDCC/AX and DragonCon all of those Cons have something called a Trade Show which helps bring in guest, Otakorp made the decision long time ago not to have trade shows.

3) Otakorp has stated a few years ago that they will not have an attendance cap

4) Some of you need to understand this very simple idea Otakon is ran by Otakorp which is 501c3 educational non-profit there bylaws are very strict on what they can and can't do. I suggest all of you go and read them they are on the Otakon Website.

5) As for the whole 18+ stuff every con has now started to have both artist and dealers either hide or not bring them. Reason being the average age group right now for Con-Goers is 15-17.

6) As for everyone complaining about the whole $5 dollar increase in this years pass get over it please it's not like they raised by $20-30 like other Big Cons have.
Otakon has paid and non-paid staff.

Otakon needs an attendance cap, it seems their main goal is not the comfort of their guest but how many clicks can they get at the door to make a bigger attendance tally at the end.

And that increase was added twice in the past two years. it was 50/55 then 60/65 now its 70. The price is not worth the cramped conditions, the rudeness of some staff when its very well not needed, and the overall feeling of discomfort.

My two cents, after hearing how artists were treated in the AA this year and how mysef, personally, as a cosplayer and attendee since '08 was treated when I encountered a couple of staff members I have no intentions of every coming back as an attendee unless asked so by a close friend of mine.

However, I did meet a LOT of lovely people in the photo suite that seems to be mostly separate but still attached to the con staffing/con. A couple of the convention center staff [not otakorp related] and the two ladies staffing the front door to the game room, aside from this I had a terrible time AT con and feel my 70$ would of better been spent else where.
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