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Originally Posted by Hiro Akemi View Post
Otakon has paid and non-paid staff.

And that increase was added twice in the past two years. it was 50/55 then 60/65 now its 70. The price is not worth the cramped conditions, the rudeness of some staff when its very well not needed, and the overall feeling of discomfort.
Otakon does not have paid staff. We have paid vendors/contractors, but no paid staff. Anyone wearing the black "staff" shirt is a volunteer. People like the lawyers, accountants, Hargrove (decorators,) DSL (A/V,) Umbrella Technical Services (Contractor,) CES/BCC Staff (Security), Centerplate (food,) etc.. are not staff. You can find a complete list of the contractors/vendors at the back of the program guide, but staff are not paid. Trust me, I'm a department head who is dating another department head, if someone on staff was getting paid, we'd know, but we're all volunteer. The Board of Directors and heads for other events (IE: Matsuri, Music Fest) are also entirely volunteers.

As for the price increase, it was increased in 2010 and again in 2012, so while that's technically two calendar years, that's 3 con years. As far as cramped conditions et al, I think all cons our size have to suffer from the same problem. There's only so much physical space we can put things into though. That's not to say we're not looking at other options and doing space reallocations every year, but we can't pull function space out of a magic hat.
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