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otakon total estimated membership for 2012 was 32,000 if it really is as bad as you think it is then why would people go?

i've been to otakon since 07 and it's is a great con. i don't know much about the rules of the artists ally but MOST of the staff are helpful and kind of course there's going to be a hand full of staff who are rude but that's probably b/c of stress

Otakon is usually understaffed so everyone has to run around to keep things organized the staff try their best to provide new activities, lots of voice actors, musical guests, etc. each year and keep the con running smoothly and if you bring up some issue you've encountered at otakon and post it on the bbs an otakon staff will address it and fix it for next year

ALOT of people who complain about otakon either complain about 1) long lines or 2) it being expensive but. . .

for the long lines you have to expect it, otakon is the LARGEST con on the east coast. Don't underestimate the membership count easiest way to avoid long reg lines is to pre reg and pick it up on thursday. the thursday line goes pretty fast. other long lines for say autographs from famous voice actors, again you have to expect it, if you're not prepared and dedicated to wait in line 2 hours pior to the start of autographs you will most likely not get that autograph and the only person you should blame is yourself b/c the staff work extremely hard for the con goers and that famous person can only sign so many pieces of whatever before their hand goes numb

and for otakon being expensive 1) we're in a recession 2) to get famous voice actors and musical guests like aya hirano, home made kazoku, etc. you have to a spend crap load of money to fly them over, performance fees, hotels, etc. it's not like money grows on trees also note that all otakon staff are VOLUNTEERS so the reg money you pay doesn't go to staff they go to renting the venue, the arena, guests, equipment, security, etc. and 3) between a small con that keeps the membership rate low but doesn't expand, doesn't invite many voice actors, doesn't have much going on, and doesn't improve for next year and a bigger con that although costs more it allows for expansion, lots of guests, and does improve activities, panels, etc. for the next year, which would you choose?

really if you just go to otakon's bbs you'd find so much more reliable information from actual con goers than exaggerated rumors from people who didn't go b/c of said rumors

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