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Marvel 2012

Let's face it, there are going to be a LOT of Marvel cosplays at NYCC this year. Most of them probably Avengers based, but there will probably be a good mix of everything, it being a comic convention and all.

I've heard that Marvel does an official gathering/photoshoot at their booth, and I've heard it happens sometime Friday. If anyone can clarify this and give me more specific times for that, that would be great!! I'd like to post it here so everyone will know.

But aside from that...why don't we set up Marvel gatherings/photoshoots? One on each day of the convention.

Post here, telling me who you'll be cosplaying, and which day, and I'll make up a list.
We can also discuss the best times and locations for our gatherings each day.

Photoshoot/Gathering Times:

Official Marvel gathering~ 3:30-4:00pm, at Marvel booth
Marvel gathering~ 4:30pm, in front of Jacob Javits statue(location can be changed if someone has a better spot)

Marvel gathering~ 2pm, in front of Javits statue
Marvel vs. DC gathering~ 3pm, in front of Javits statue upstairs


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Black Queen(Selene)- Kassandra_Leigh
Hawkeye- Starwind824
Black Widow- Starwind's wife
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Agent Venom- Starwind's friend
Thor(lolita version)- Aurora Maryte
Iron Man(lolita)- Stephhxstar
Loki(lolita)- Elendriel
Captain America(lolita)- Aurora's friend
Hawkeye (lolita)- Aurora's friend
Taskmaster(orange cape)- JibriiRansom
Enchantress- tsutaya
Hawkeye(movie version)- phantomthief
Tony Stark(casual)- EdxWinry
Steve Rogers(casual)- EdxWinry's friend
Bruce Banner(casual)- EdxWinry's friend
Thor(casual as Donald Blake)- EdxWinry's friend
Black Widow- EdxWinry's friend
Hawkeye- EdxWinry's friend
Carnage- BatmanBeyond-08
Iron Woman- booklover67
Hawkeye(fem movie version)- MajesticLunacy
Maria Hill(movie)- Kartos

Hawkeye- ScruffyHawkeye
Loki- Elendriel(I'm not sure yet which outfit she is doing)
Loki(from Thor)- DreamCosplay
Black Queen(Selene)- Kassandra_Leigh
Sebastian Shaw- Kassandra's friend
Spiderman(Andrew Garfield version)- DeliriousMike
Pepper Potts- Lostdreamz
Tony Stark- Lost's husband
UDON Taskmaster- JibriiRansom
Leah- dazeyl93
Kid Loki- dazeyl93's girlfriend
Hawkeye(movie version)- phantomthief
Thor- BanditArtist
Nick Fury(fem version)- ThatDemonButler
Loki(Stuttgart)- DreamCosplay

Magik- Aurora Maryte
Cyclops- Aurora's friend
Jubilee- Aurora's friend
Wolverine- Aurora's friend
Rogue- Aurora's friend
Tony Stark- LockedxxHeart
Bruce Banner- Locked's friend
Steve Rogers- Locked's friend
Scarlet Witch(steam punk)- RogueMimzy
Deadpool- JibriiRansom
Kate Bishop Hawkeye- phantomthief
Hawkeye(movie)- phantomthief's friend

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