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Name of Commissioner: Cosplayflying
Website/ gallery: Ebay Store
Character commissioned and series/video game: Shiemi Moriyama [Blue Exorcist], Full Outfit, Wig, and Plush of Nee-Chan.
Pictures of Commissioned Item: ((NOTE: I am not wearing the red/white sash in the pictures. It was included though.))
Item Listed on Site
Me wearing costume.
Me again wearing costume.
Me wearing wig.
Me wearing wig again.

Timeline: August 6th-August 17th

Describe your Experience:

I submitted my order and payment for this item on August 6th. I sent in my measurements as well, as I got this custom-made (for no extra charge, thankfully). I figured this would take at least a month to receive, so I was prepared for a long wait. Much to my surprise, I got a message from the seller YESTERDAY saying the item had just shipped. I got home from work today to see that it was in my mailbox. This already made me thoroughly impressed.

I opened the package, and everything looked like it was in the picture. Everything was included, and I hurried to try it on. It fits amazingly. It is easy to tell it was custom-made, and it fits me perfectly. The outfit is very well made, and the fabric is light and comfortable, which is necessary since it's an outfit with multiple layers. The colorful outfit looks great, and I love it!

The wig is also great; very soft, and they already styled in the "antennae" hair that Shiemi has (I wasn't sure if they would style it for me). It's not the best wig I've ever gotten, but it's definitely an excellent wig.

Overall, I'm very impressed. It arrived quick, is exactly what was in the picture, and fit perfectly.

Final Grade: A++++++++++ ; I will be buying again from this seller without a doubt!

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