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Originally Posted by Autumn Twilight View Post
I can understand what you mean, original poster.

I was treated poorly and even taken to "con jail" due to a misunderstanding, where they treated me even worse.

lololol I was also taken to Con Jail........ I didn't realize people were calling it that. I was nicknaming it Principle's Office.

Anyway, I was cosplaying a Phoenix Wright character so I was carrying an 'Objection' sign. I was aware of the no sign policy but I considered my sign to be a prop. Oh, but random staffer didnt........ "YOU! Follow me!!" was how I was taken into Con Jail.

Inside jail the guy checking signs also considered my sign to be a prop so I was given an OK.

Sure that staffer was rude, but it wasnt a big enough deal for me to freak out about. i wasnt gonna take her name, report her, and waste more of my time. Sometimes when these things happen, just brush it off and enjoy he rest of your con...... cause who knows, maybe she only got 3 hours of sleep and had to do some stupid task, like watching over that retarded dealers room line friday morning..........
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